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Reading: Het unieke ontwerpverhaal achter Caesarstone-werkoppervlakken...

Het unieke ontwerpverhaal achter Caesarstone-werkoppervlakken...

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Caesarstone liep voorop met het idee van kwarts werkoppervlakken voor de woning en heeft sinds de jaren ‘80 voorop gelopen in de sector van stenen oppervlakken. 

In deze periode heeft het bedrijf voortdurend geïnnoveerd in zowel esthetiek als prestaties, maar wat is het proces achter het ontwerpen van een bekroond Caesarstone-oppervlak?

In the early development of porcelain and quartz work surfaces, emphasis was on the technical benefits of the materials over marble or granite. Compared to solid natural stone, engineered stone has a much-improved resistance to temperature changes and chemicals, giving it a distinct advantage, especially for use in kitchens. It is stable, easier to clean and highly resilient, unlikely to crack, discolour or change in appearance as it ages. This is still an integral part of our core principles today, including our range of outdoor surfaces.

Terwijl de vroege oppervlakken van synthetische steen over het algemeen vlakke, monochrome kleuren hadden met weinig visuele aantrekkingskracht, heeft Caesarstone altijd gezocht om dit te verleggen buiten de uniforme benadering van kleurinspiratie voor keukens. Met het investeren in zowel ontwerp als onderzoek, heeft het merk de esthetische kwaliteiten van synthetische stenen oppervlakken voortdurend weten te vernieuwen, naar sferen die nooit eerder mogelijk waren binnen keukenontwerp.

With the launch of the Supernatural Collection, the difference was stark. Whilst other surfaces may have looked to mimic or imitate a specific stone sample, Caesarstone’s approach was revolutionary. Rather than simply copying a natural stone, the brand’s design team, led by Mor Krisher, took a far more interpretative approach.

Mor Krisher, hoofd van Caesarstone’s ontwerpteam, verkent een verscheidenheid aan materialen als onderdeel van het ontwerpproces.

The Supernatural Collection, now comprising 38 designs, took broader influences than simply stone, pushing the boundaries of kitchen colour inspiration. Whether it is the study of nature, such as the form of a branch or root structures in trees and plants, or an examination of the subtle variations in colour tonality that serve to draw the gazes of the homeowner, and of course any guests they may be hosting, there is a story and design journey behind each Caesarstone surface, as Mor explains:

“When designing a Supernatural product, we explore qualities from different natural stones, as well as wider materials that we are drawn to, combining these features and working on the nuances of the design for many months until we are 100 per cent happy. The result is a beautifully natural-looking product that can’t actually be found in nature. My aim is to give homeowners something unique that can’t be found anywhere else.”

This rich understanding of the subtleties of kitchen design is most obvious in the Whitelight Collection of worktop surfaces, which are eight elegant twists on classic marbles, offering the luxury and elegance one expects from a natural stone, yet, each with its own signature looks that are unique to Caesarstone.

“We endeavour to absorb ourselves in this external environment wherever possible, as the complexities of our geography provide visual cues and drive us to explore new ways in which we can design surfaces for the home that embody these influences. As we all seek a greater connection with the outside, we see the Whitelight Collection as a beacon of hope, a visual reminder of the world around us and a focal point for the very heart of our homes.“

5131 Calacatta Nuvo, from Caesarstone’s Whitelight Collection features an organic vein structure that communicates luxury

Caesarstone’s kitchen design pedigree was reaffirmed with the launch of the Metropolitan Collection in 2018. Working closely with leading kitchen colour inspiration and trend forecasters, Caesarstone predicted the rise of urban and industrial aesthetics in domestic interiors.

“I love concrete, particularly the blend of colour, tones and texture, yet it is a very impractical surface for a homeowner’s kitchen worktop. In contrast, the Metropolitan Collection captures this unique cutting-edge aesthetic and tactility, for the first time in quartz and porcelain, yet demonstrates the same easy-care qualities found in every Caesarstone surface”, explained Mor. The response was overwhelming, with the Collection winning a much-respected FX Award, which rewards the best interior design products, in 2018.

Much like the Supernatural Collection, inspiration for these ground-breaking surfaces are often broader than may be initially thought, and sometimes surprising. For 4033 Rugged Concrete, the breakthrough product in the Metropolitan Collection, one of the design team’s key references was a watercolour painting of the moon.

This watercolour painting of the moon, by Idit Goldzweig, was among the inspirations for the unique patina, textural movement and variance of shade that can be found in Caesarstone’s 4033 Rugged Concrete

Mor licht toe: “Het schilderij legde echt de ruige aard van het oppervlak van de maan vast. We kijken naar een 2D-afbeelding die de artiest tot leven had gebracht in 3D door het gebruik van de meest prachtige, behendige, technische penseelstreken. De mix van witte, grijze en zwarte kleuren was zo subtiel. Het informeerde echt onze denkwijze en hielp bij het vaststellen van een referentiepunt voor wat we wilden bereiken.”

This explorative approach to design, looking for inspiration beyond the obvious, continues with the most recent addition to the brand’s Metropolitan Collection4735 Oxidian. This unique conceptual design characterises the blurred borders between the natural elements and industrial environments; how natural materials can look industrial, and when man-made materials rust or decay and take on an organic appearance.

Het is deze voortgaande toewijding aan innovatie die ervoor zorgt dat elk Caesarstone-ontwerp uniek is; het product van een lang creatief traject dat leidt tot een oppervlak dat fungeert als een basis voor ons voor het creëren van boeiende ruimtes in onze eigen woningen, zoals Mor het zegt: “Ik denk dat Caesarstone een rol speelt bij het creëren van omgevingen die inspireren, die ons verbinden met de natuur of die de tactiliteit bieden die voos ons mensen zo belangrijk is.”

With this in mind, we’ve gone a step further in looking beyond the boundaries of our interiors to truly reconnect with the outdoors. As we look at our homes as a whole, Caesarstone has expanded beyond the realms of the indoors to recognise the growing importance of our outside spaces. A huge significance is placed on the value of outdoor space; our gardens, balconies and terraces are the sanctuaries we escape to for personal reflection and tranquillity, and for entertaining and socialising. The Outdoor Collection has been designed with elevated outdoor living in mind and extends the possibilities of kitchen design to our cherished outside spaces. The inspiring outdoors range of stone work surfaces has been curated to elevate any exterior area and transform it into an enjoyable environment all year round.